The innovative leather of the XTREME Collection was developed by BOXMARK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality upholstery leather. It is water-repellent and stain-resistant. Furthermore the optimized surface ensures a good UV resistance. Thanks to its higher abrasion resistance values XTREME is a low maintenance upholstery leather suitable for heavy duty indoor and protected exterior areas.

Water and soil resistant

The high-quality upholstery leather is more resistant to water and soil.

Top tension, ductility and tear values

Thanks to the usage of best european bull hides XTREME achieves very high tension, ductility and tear values.

Highly abrasion resistant

Excellent abrasion resistance guarantees trouble-free use of XTREME also in high-wear areas.

Natural product in high tech

XTREME combines high technical qualities with captivating and enduring emotions awoken by real leather.

Cool leather effect

On request the leather of the XTREME Collection can be equipped with the cool leather effect. Special pigments significantly reduce heating of dark leathercolors due to direct sunlight.

Low maintenance

The leather of the XTREME Collection is easily cleanable with lukewarm water and a soft clean cloth. Do not use chemical cleaning or polishing agents, solvents, chlorides etc. We highly recommend to use appropriate cleaning agents quarterly as instructed. For detailed information concerning cleaning and care please see the "Cleaning & Care Instructions".

Leather colors

(deviations between the picture and the original color are possible)